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Kaleidoscope Amusements Face Painting Pictures & Gallery

We are so excited to be offering Face Painting & Other Party Entertainment Services again!

We are adhering to strict COVID safety protocols.

While guests will be encouraged to wear a face covering during painting, this is not required.   Artists will wear masks while painting is happening, regular cleaning of the chair in between guests, and using a 3 wash system on brushes (in between each touch to the guests' faces-before the brush goes back onto a paint color).

I am personally fully vaccinated, as are many of the artists that I typically partner with.

I hope these safety protocols help clients feel more confident in what we are doing as artists while entertaining.

As previously mentioned for the safety of the artists & the guests, artists will wear face coverings while working.


In addition, we are continuing to help people with their entertainment needs by providing gourmet baked goods.  We are taking orders for custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  This service is only available in the Maryland area.    Please contact us for inquiries and more details.  

This gallery showcases a combination of face painting and baked goods.  During COVID, we took a temporary break from in-person entertainment and pivoted towards baked goods.  Please scroll through the gallery for an idea of the scope and quality of our work.

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