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Order High-Quality Baltimore Baked Goods, In Baltimore MD

We have started selling high-quality Baltimore baked goods as a bonus with the intention to meet the client's needs. Contact us to get a free estimate!

baltimore baked goods - cake

Our baked goods are of super high quality and that's the reason why all our previous clients remained very satisfied with our products.


Due to COVID-19, we have taken a temporary break from providing face painting & other body art services. 

This is in the interest of public health. Please rest assured, as soon as it is safe to return to working in close proximity to others...we WILL be back.


In the meantime, we are continuing to help people with their entertainment needs by providing gourmet baked goods. 

Custom Cakes Baltimore, Maryland

We are taking orders from our customers for custom cakes in Baltimore, MD.

Gourmet Cupcakes Baltimore, MD Delivery

We are also taking orders for delivering gourmet cupcakes in Baltimore MD.

Order Best Custom Cookies Baltimore by Design

Baltimore Baked Goods - Custom Cookies by Design in Baltimore MD

You can also order custom cookies by design which are beautiful and delicious.

To understand more about our services you can contact us and get a free quote.

You can order the baked goods from us online here or on our other online channels, like Google My Business, Facebook, or Instagram.

This service is only available in the Maryland area.  

Please contact us for inquiries and more details. 

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